Go, Go, Go, Go!….on an adventure…..

Today was a great adventure….again. 🙂 We had some family members leave (we are sad about that but understand that they DO have lives to get back to!) but other family members drove over from Toccoa…….and brought two precious little 4-year-olds along. We ate lunch, went tubing with them, then Hailey helped all the ‘little kids’ (Corbin on down to Emma) catch grasshoppers. I have to say…..she was great with the kids! I have seen her interact with Emma A LOT, obviously, and she usually does well with her, but I haven’t really seen her with other kids besides her nephew, who is 4. She had them all set up with nets, carrying the grasshoppers to a tub we had sitting on the deck….they were all gathered around talking and listening to her. It was awesome! She could run a little summer camp……Hailey’s Nature Walks, or something. LOL 🙂 And it was really helpful because we adults were able to talk pretty much undisturbed for quite a while. The little girls were waving happily and yelling “bye” out the window to Hailey as they drove away. Such fun!


About Wendy Woerner

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