Some pictures and some learning…..

Here are some more photos of our trip….finally! You wouldn’t believe how crazy-busy we’ve been since our return…..

Karl took the kids and their cousins on a hike.
At the trail head…..
The Falls…..
Hiking is thirsty work!
Hanging on the couch with Mommy in the morning….
Multiple generations were cooking in this kitchen together all week.
Emma loves ‘Egg-an’.
The hot tub was a favorite warming up spot after tubing down the river… kids with some of their cousins.
Emma ate lunch at this picnic table, every day, overlooking the Toccoa River.
Having fun with one of the cousins…..
I love holding my babies and rocking!
We have been doing some learning since we returned home, too. Hailey planted basil seeds, Corbin put together a high char for Autumn (yes, he really did, with just a little help from Daddy), and Hailey has learned how to speak ‘Dragonese’ (our word) from her book, Dragonology. 😉 Emma has begun learning how to dress herself…still with lots of help and mostly only when she wants to. Autumn is practicing sitting up…she can’t do it by herself yet, but if I sit her down on the floor and get her balanced, she might stay there for five seconds. She is nowhere close to being able to sit up without support yet, but she’ll get there. And, if what I have been able to see online is any indication, Logan is learning some phenomenal stuff at SLU. I so wish I could have attended this as a middle school or high school student….or even now. I am excited to hear all about his time there, and I can’t wait to see him! We haven’t spoken to him since Monday morning and that is really weird…..I’m ready to hear that deep, loud voice again.
I’ll be along to post more pictures of our time in Georgia real soon.

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