A busy summer, and more ahead…..

Wow! Our summer is turning out to be a busy one. Normally, we don’t have that many activities scheduled, but this year it has been non-stop since the beginning of June. Vacation, then leadership camp for Logan. Then, we were away all weekend getting our house ready to sell (the kids stayed with their grandparents), and may have already sold it……just ironing out the details. I’m not complaining, but it is very different from the norm around here. And it’s not ending yet…..July will be just as busy. I think the kids like it that way. Honestly, I do too, but I am glad our everyday is not so full.
Yesterday, we went to a wildlife sanctuary. It was really humid, we were covered in sweat quickly, but it was fun. Here are some photos from our time there…


Red Fox
When we came back on Sunday, we brought a friend with us. We had a neighbor that we got fairly close to when we lived in that house. A little girl about a year older than Logan. Well, that little girl is now a beautiful 14-year-old. She no longer lives in Florida, but just happens to be visiting family here this summer, so we asked her to come see us. It’s been so nice to have her in our home. We are already making plans to have her visit again next summer, and hopefully for more than 2 days. She leaves this afternoon. My heart will be sad, but I am in touch with her via Facebook, so we will ‘chat’ more that way.

We all have such great memories from those ‘little kid’ days with Logan, Hailey, Corbin, and her. She was over all the time, and sometimes they went to her house or her mom took them all to get food from McDonald’s. Sometimes she went to church with us. Good times….

By Monday, Emma was Sunita’s best friend….it doesn’t take her long to get attached. 🙂
A gentleman offered to take our photo at the wildlife sanctuary. It’s not the best, but I decided to put it here anyway so we’ll have a visible reminder of our time together.


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2 Responses to A busy summer, and more ahead…..

  1. really.truly says:

    I'm glad you are having fun! It's so sweet that your friend came to visit. Yay, about the possible house sale!!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Paperwork is signed! We are set to close in early August. 🙂

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