Horses and jumping

Yesterday Hailey had a horseback-riding lesson. She did a few jumps. I took pictures with my phone, but I’m not sure they turned out well. I’ll post them tomorrow. She has another class tomorrow and Karl is planning to go, so maybe he’ll get good ones with his ‘real’ camera. There are several more children in this class, I noticed. It is still a home school class, but taking place in the afternoon must have been more convenient for the ‘newbies’. Hailey will take another 2-per-week class next week, then her week-long day-camp is the following week. Logan will be on his missions trip then, too. Corbin may get lonely…..we’ll have to find something fun to do with him and the little girls.

Today, Autumn also did a few ‘jumps’. She likes her exersaucer pretty well. I had placed her in it to play while I graded some math and English papers. After hearing this repetitive noise for several minutes, I looked up to discover that she was jumping (bouncing) up and down in the seat. She loved it! Such a huge smile and she did it over and over. I remember when Emma learned how to do that, in this very house and in that very seat. Wow, not too long ago!
I bathed the little girls together this evening, as I usually do….they get a kick out of being in the tub with one another. I took Autumn out first, placing her on the floor with her towel wrapped around her. I then lifted Emma out and proceeded to dry her off. I could hear the baby babbling, kicking her feet, shaking her rattle….then she began to cry. I looked around and found that she had flipped over onto her belly. This is not a new skill, as she’s known how to do this for quite some time. She doesn’t like to be on her belly though, which is why she doesn’t crawl yet and why she can’t seem to roll from front to back yet, either. Thus, the crying. She was unhappy to find herself in that position, though she was perfectly fine with rolling around and getting herself there. So fickle. 😉

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