An impromtu family night out….

Tonight (well technically last night) we headed out to meet some friends at a local park to play sand volleyball. Even though I was not planning to play myself (could be a bit difficult with Autumn in tow in the baby wrap!), I was excited about watching everyone play. …it’s been many years since we used to go play/watch at the beach. However, upon arriving at the park our friends let us know that all 4 of the courts were taken….but we could go to a different location and play. Before we could actually get everyone back in the car and headed over to the new location though, they received a call from another family that was joining us….it was raining ‘cats and dogs’ at the dog park (heh heh). So, on to plan C, which was for our hosts just to say, “Come on over to our house, we’ll do game night instead.” Very gracious of them…..

We weren’t too sure how it would be. I mean, we were just starting our night out when the babies would normally be going to bed for the night. Plus, a trip to the park meant we brought completely different things with us for the little ones than we would have had we been planning to go to someone’s house for a couple of hours. We decided to give it a try anyway, and I’m so glad we did! Autumn, once fed at our friends’ home, played sweetly on her blanket on the floor for a while. Emma was given some toddler-friendly Legos to play with and a mesh trash can….she was kept busy with just that….well, and the 10 other kids’ antics during the evening! She even sat on Hailey’s lap and played one of the games with the big kids. Corbin and the youngest son of our hosts are the same age. When they tired of playing the ‘big kid’ games they went and started a game of Monopoly….8-year-old-style. When Autumn got bored playing on the floor I held her a while. Emma helped our hostess get snacks and water ready, colored a bit (and not even on the floor like I was worried she would!), and generally just wandered around inspecting everyone, making friends. She’s a bit of a social butterfly. =) Autumn was perfectly content to hang out with me while I talked with the grownups. It was really nice to spend some time with friends, meet some new folks, and watch the kids in action with their friends…..
I’m glad we gave it a try, and I think we’ve proven to ourselves now that we can be at least a little bit spontaneous…..what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe the real question is, what’s the best? I think we found that out tonight.
Many thanks to Michelle and Tim for welcoming us into your home.

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One Response to An impromtu family night out….

  1. really.truly says:

    Sounds wonderful!! Just that you have the option for volleyball on the beach is great. I often find that spontaneous outings can turn out the best. Our intentions are not set so we are often look back and are happy with how it all went. Does that make sense? Still drinking my first cup of coffee….Wish we were there with ya!! Would have loved the adult "live" convo with you 🙂

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