Hailey will be getting braces…

Karl took Hailey for her free orthodontic consultation this morning (well yesterday morning, it’s after midnight now). He was happy with the experience, the doctor’s experience and manner, etc. We can get her started right away.

She will need to wear her braces for 1.5 to 2 years….I guess they’ll determine that as time moves along and they see the results they’re getting? I have not made the appointment yet, but am planning to try to get her in the last week of July for her spacers….and a week later the braces will go on. It is very likely that the next time you see Hailey she will look much different. She is ready for them….well, at least she says she is. We are told that we have “very good orthodontic coverage” but it still seems expensive. She definitely needs them for the crowding she has, an overbite, and a deep palate, so it’s worth the cost.
Her smile is already wide and beautiful……I can only imagine how stunning she will be when the braces come off in a couple of years.

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