School stuff and the summer is flyin’

Is it weird that I am excited about textbooks? I think it is. I am not so much a fan of textbooks…not at all really….it’s more the idea that my older kids will be able to get up and get going without having to wait on me to tell them what to do. No matter that I would like it to be different, my two older ones just really want to get on with it and be done with school. So, since I was struggling with the thoughts of getting the unit study in anyway due to the babies, etc. I caved and bought all three of the school-age kids Rod and Staff curriculum. I really like their English…. we’ve used it for the last three years… I feel the other subjects will be good, too.

I am having a little bit of ‘buyer’s remorse’ about Corbin’s books….he’s still so young and likes the unit studies. I could decide to send his back and use a unit study approach with him. Maybe more of Five in a Row, Heart of Dakota, Learning Adventures, or Tapestry of Grace….all of which I have at least one level on our shelves. I’ll have to think on it some more.
Karl is taking Hailey to her horseback-riding lesson again today. He wanted to try for yet more pictures. Next week she has camp every day from 9-2. She’s excited about that. Then I guess in August her new classes will start up…not sure which days she’ll be doing then. SAINTS starts again in August too. Summer is just flying by, it’s crazy! We still need to get them registered for some other classes, if they’re going to take them, and try to find a piano teacher….if we can ever get the piano in the house. And I think September brings Life Group again. It will be here before we know it, and Hailey may also be participating in one…which will mean taking her to her group on Wednesdays or hosting two at a time, which I don’t think will work. It will all work out I know, but I do like a good plan. ;0

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