Saturday Confessions #8

1. I went with my family to an Ikea store today…it blew my mind. I could totally spend a ton of $$$ in there….not that I have a ton to spend. Just sayin‘.

2. I took pictures while there…that bloggin‘ thing ya know, it’s with me all the time.
3. My husband and I decided we will need to get someone to keep the kids so we can go back to spend a day there deciding what to get….it’s that amazing!
4. The kids’ play area and the restaurant were closed today….a boil water order or something. We were taunted throughout the store by signs showing delicious food and low prices. We totally would have eaten some $1.99 pasta! Next time…..
5. After ‘the store’ we went to Pollo Tropical….only Karl had been before. It was quite delicious and we will be frequenting the one right down the street from us. I love me some Mojo Roast Pork in guava bbq sauce, with rice and beans. And yucca fries? Mmmmm….
6. I am totally in love with the video feature on my new phone and will be using it a lot…..probably annoyingly so. Emma is becoming quite skilled at performing for me. =)
7. I am so tired tonight…should probably go to bed…but I won’t. I never do what’s best for me, even when I know what it is. (well, maybe not never, but often)

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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2 Responses to Saturday Confessions #8

  1. StacyB says:

    I've never been in Ikea. Hope you and Karl have a fun date, soon.

  2. really.truly says:

    Isn't it so fun?!! My MIL always asks to go when she visits. So many pretty colors, so many little neat things. And the prices! Greg loves the swedish meatballs 🙂

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