A house….if it’s God’s will

There is a house that I pass by every time I take Hailey to her horseback riding lesson. It has been for sale for quite some time. I called about it several months ago, just to see how much it was, how many bedrooms, how much property, etc. It sits on 5 acres, has a horse fence around the perimeter, the house seemed small. When I called, the realtor said “$342,000.” Wow….a bit much for a house that’s probably too small, even if it is on 5 acres. So, I dismissed it.

Fast forward to this week, when I’ve been driving by the house every. day. I decided Tuesday to turn and see the house from the front drive. There was another sign there that I had not noticed before. The house is apparently in foreclosure and the bank is about to begin accepting bids (auctioning it off). Hmmmm…..

When I got home I looked it up on http://www.auctions.com. The starting bid is in the low $100’s and the house has 4 bedrooms and it is bigger than I thought at 2500 sq. ft. Hmmmmm…..

Karl and I talked about it…..that’s a great place to start and it would be awesome if we could get it for less than $200,000. Who knows what it is like on the inside, but we’re going to go see it. There is an open house Saturday. We’re getting a sitter and are gonna go in the morning. We don’t know if we’ll bid on it, if we’ll even like it, but we both feel we should go see it. It seems to have potential. And it’s on 5 acres! So, would you guys be in prayer with us? We want to do everything by God’s leading. We don’t want to buy a house if we aren’t supposed to, but maybe this is the one He was saving for us. We want to be in the center of His will…..we will be praying, and considering, whether we should make a bid. Thank you for joining us in seeking His best for us.


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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