You better be careful….homeschooling can be dangerous

Last night, as I was packing up all those books I spoke of in my last post, I hurt my eye. I was simply taking workbooks out of the tub I had placed them in and stacking them in my arms, so that I could carry them to the box I will be shipping them in….the last stack I lifted somehow poked me directly in the eye. Boy did that hurt! My eye was red and watering and I could barely open it. I had Karl look at it for me…he said it looked fine, just very irritated. I held a cool cloth on it several times, kept having to wipe tears away because it kept watering….and I had to squint to do anything. I am so thankful for my eyesight….I can’t imagine having to get around with just one eye. This morning, I opened my eyes after sleeping all night, and my left one really hurt and began watering immediately. I stumbled around all morning, changing diapers and preparing food while trying to see through the blur. It was not fun. I asked Karl to take Hailey to her horseback riding camp today. I didn’t feel comfortable packing up all the kids and driving with one eye squinted closed…’s tough to keep the other one open when doing that. So he did, and while he was gone things started getting better. It is still ‘scratchy’ and waters some, but it is not nearly so red. Karl could tell as soon as he returned that I felt better. So….if I feel comfortable….I may be able to pick Hailey up today. Karl is still planning to do it. We’ll see how things are by 1:30. So weird….a freak homeschooling accident….the craziness just never stops around here!


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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