News on Autumn

Forgot to mention…..we have been wondering when Autumn was going to figure out this rolling over thing. She was ‘late’ learning how to roll from back to front, but has been doing that for quite a while now. She’s been sitting up for over a month (that was late also), and knows how to prop herself up with her hands now, too. The poor girl would get so frustrated and begin to cry when she got herself onto her stomach and then couldn’t get over onto her back again. Over the last week or so we have found her on her back, after seeing her roll oto her stomach and knowing that none of us rolled her back over…..but we had not caught her doing it, until tonight. Hailey and I were in the babies’ room reading books and getting jammies on them for bed (yes, Hailey is a great helper and I think is learning to enjoy them even more as she gets older). Autumn was lying on the floor near us and rolled over onto her stomach. As we were watching her, she stretched her arm above her head and quickly rolled back over onto her back……and gave us a big grin when we cheered for her. 😉 It was that arm that always gave her trouble….she figured out how to get it out of the way! There’s no stopping her now….she’ll be on the move before long, I bet.

Also, Saturday night as I was leaving the living room with Autumn, I turned her toward Karl and waved her arm at him saying, “Say night-night to Daddy.” After I let go, she held her arm in place for a moment….then waved it at him herself! It was so funny, and we looked at each other in amazement because it was such a surprise, and very cute.


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