On Being Truly Great….

I am reading a new book. I’ve actually had it for quite a few months. It’s been waiting, patiently, on my side table by ‘my’ chair in the living room. It’s been relocated, knocked onto the floor and under the table, used as a resting place for my laptop, ‘read’ by Emma……and still it sat, waiting for me to pick it up and begin reading.

I finally did and it is amazing. It is entitled Raising Kids for True Greatness: Redefine Success for You and Your Child, by Dr. Ted Kimmel. This is a book that was recommended by one of the leaders of our  home school group, at the beginning of the year kick-off meeting last year. I came home and ordered it that very night. Yeah……I told you I’d had it a while. I have been reading it this week with highlighter in hand….it is that. good. I will need to re-read it, just to get the full picture. Sometimes, while I’ve been reading, I have wondered if Logan has already read this…..he has many of the attributes. Then, in other areas, well you know…….we’re all like that aren’t we? Then, of course, I find myself wishing I had read this book as a kid, that my parents had read it and taught me its principals. But, then again, many of the things I’m finding in this book are principals being taught at our church….they’re found in the bible.

  • to be a leader you need to be a servant
  • show your kids what a great marriage looks like
  • we are not in charge of our lives…we never were
  • be actively involved in a thriving church
So much more.
They are not using the words verbatim, but it’s the same attitude. We need to be like Christ, serving others, loving people…..then, we will be truly great. People will want to follow us, our good example. As Christians, our definition of success should be different from the world’s definition of success. God first, in every area of our lives, complete submission……all for the glory of Him. Wow. That’s hard to do, but I want to. I’m inspired to greatness by so many people, but I do find it is difficult, in each and every moment, to be truly great. Something more to work on.

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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One Response to On Being Truly Great….

  1. Mimi says:

    Sounds like a great book, Wendy! Thanks for your review thus far. I’ve realized that sometimes I can get caught up in the minutia (the mini drama’s of life), things that are not important…..focusing on what IS important, His calling for us, His direction, and teaching our kids these things….that is truly important. I’ll add that book to my pile 🙂

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