Library Day Again…..

Thursday has become our new ‘library day’. We had gotten off our schdeule with that and the kids requested that we begin to go once a week again. I had been planning to, but hadn’t implemented it…..until about 3 weeks ago. It’s a good thing….now we get the books back on time (well, if the kids put the books back where they belong, which sometimes is a challenge!), and we can regularly have new things to read. Plus, if we put books on hold, we are more likely to be able to pick them up before the 4 days is gone (that’s when they put them back on the shelf)…..we have missed getting them soon enough more than once.

It was just me and the girls today, so we left here at 11 and actually made it back by noon, a feat in itself. The little ones were good……we got some board books to bring home and played with some of the toys while we waited for Hailey. Oh, and Veggie Tales movies, we can’t go to the library anymore without getting some of those for Emma. She watches every morning and every afternoon….while she has breakfast or a snack. It’s a routine I would probably rather avoid, not because I don’t like Veggie Tales (we actually all love them) but because sometimes I just don’t want her so into tv, even though it is a wholesome program. After a quick lunch the little ones are down for their nap, I’m eating and blogging, Logan and Corbin are playing Guess Who?, and Hailey is reading.

We will soon need to do some reading aloud for history and science. They completed their book work earlier this morning, except for Hailey’s math because she was helping with Emma while I searched for a library book that’s been missing for several weeks. I guess she’ll just do that tomorrow since the baby is now asleep in her room and the math book is upstairs on her desk. Oops! 🙂


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