Saturday Confessions #10

  1. My husband made breakfast this morning….it was rather yummy, and really nice to be served.
  2. I did not even think of this post until 8:53 when we sat down to watch a movie…..cutting it close here.
  3. I made two more loaves of wheat bread today…..they taste yummy, but still didn’t rise quite enough….more tweaking.
  4. My baby girl is approaching her 1st birthday and it makes me sad that her baby-dom is almost over.
  5. I am so not following my diet and the scale shows it.
  6. I am very tired of not fitting into that smaller size yet, but have not gotten motivated to make a big enough change….as evidenced by #6.
  7. It is time for bed…..6 a.m. comes early.

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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