Some new topics of study, and other stuff

We’ve been reading about Jamestown over the last week or so…..and The Lost Colony of Roanoke. We have also been learning about the use of personification, similes, and repetition in writing. There have been lots of new words…..lulled, scarcely, whimpered, scanned, muttered…..some were already known by the kids, others weren’t. We are also reading about insects, planning to create an insect notebook….facts, vocabulary, drawings, etc. All of these things are from the unit study A New World of Adventure. My ‘plan’ is to stick with it through the first literature selection and see how it works. I know we like it, it’s really just if it works in this season of our lives….or not. Math, typing, and handwriting have also been on the agenda.

Emma has done lots of swimming in her kiddie pool over the last several days. Autumn joined her a couple of times and loved it! I think we may get the next size up so they’ll both fit comfortably.

Autumn is getting her fourth tooth, this one finally on her top right. I just noticed this morning that a corner of it has popped through the gum. She’s been loving her teething rings lately…..

We are getting closer to purchasing some shelving for more storage…..just trying to determine how many we need and exactly which ones we want.


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