Miscellaneous details from our week

  • last week we looked at another house….actually one we made an offer on last fall
  • we decided after seeing it again that we would make an offer again…it is now listed at a lower price (good for us, but also tempting to other people…not so good for us, possibly)
  • we closed on our central florida home on Friday…had to drive up and attend and had Karl’s parents keep the kids (thank you!)….money is in the bank and we are so glad to close that chapter, finally
  • offers were presented to the bank yesterday morning, I think (the property is bank-owned now) and we will hear……sometime…..we don’t know for sure, but it won’t be 3 months from now (what it was the last time)
  • Hailey is getting her braces tomorrow…..our baby is going through a major ‘change’…..she’s growing up 😦
  • book work is being done this week, but no unit study….I’m trying to de-clutter and organize for the new school year
  • SAINTS starts in a few weeks and I have not registered the kids yet….gotta get on that
  • will be buying Hailey some horseback-riding ‘pants’ this week….she’s been needing some……she may be in a ‘show’ this year too, but no details on that yet
  • trying to sign up for CBS that starts in the fall…..have not heard back yet, but I fear it’s too late

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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