Busy-ness and fun

Today was kind of a busy day. Hailey’s horseback riding lesson is now on Tuesday mornings. I think it will be better because there are fewer girls in this class, which means more one-on-one with the instructor. Plus, if we want to head out somewhere for the weekend, a Friday morning lesson won’t stop us. 😉 On the way home from her lesson, we swung by a friend’s house to pick up two of her boys, a surprise ‘playdate’ for my two boys. We had hot dogs for lunch, they played hide and seek in the backyard and in the downstairs part of the house (babies were sleeping upstairs). Then, they came up with a game that I’ll call ‘sock tag’ where the person that was ‘it’ had to throw a balled up pair of (clean) socks at the person….if they got hit they were then ‘it’. I had 5 kids running back and forth, in and out, turning red in the face, sweat pouring, shouting with joy…..and I loved every minute of it. They had such fun. During their game of hide and seek, Hailey and Corbin discovered some especially cool hiding spots….inside the dryer, in a lower cabinet, and inside a large shopping back (paper, so don’t worry). The boys’ mom arrived earlier than everyone would have liked, but the fun had to end sometime. We have plans together again soon, both families in their entirety. Dinner, games, laughter…….it should be fun.

I was able to throw dinner together rather quickly since we already had grilled chicken in the fridge. I looked up an Alton Brown recipe for oven-baked potatoes (delicious, by the way!), and we served the chicken over top of the potatoes along with cheese, green onions, hotdog chili, ranch dressing, and whatever else anyone wanted. Our version of a Jason’s Deli potato….but of course ours were smaller. We had  side of green beans, just to add something healthy.

After putting the girls to bed I had to run out for diapers, kind of unexpectedly. I knew we were very low on our supply, but was hoping what I had would last until tomorrow when my new order from http://www.diapers.com will arrive. No such luck. Emma had a diaper ’emergency’ and had to actually wait the 20 minutes it took me to go to Walmart and return before she could be changed. :{ She did fine with it though…..no whining or crying.


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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