A little this, a little that

We spent all morning on math, Karl helping Logan then Hailey. I tried to listen in to Hailey’s while keeping track of the two littles. I didn’t hear much. :{

This afternoon has been naps for the little ones (thoughI don’t think Emma has gone to sleep YET), video games (their weekend starts Friday afternoon after book work is done) and some reading for the bigger ones. I have been researching curriculum and placing holds on books at the library. Wishy-washy, I know. The unit study just isn’t going to work, no matter how much I want it to…..takes too much from me and I really don’t have that time to give right now.

I’m planning to move Hailey to History of the Horse, a guide from Beautiful Feet Books that I have had for about a year. I think she’ll enjoy it. She already knows a lot about horses, but she’ll get to draw them, learn some history about them, read some of the great classics about them such as Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague, all while having hands-on experience each week through her riding lessons.

I’m still figuring out the plan for Logan and Corbin, though I know Corbin’s will be done with me….need to focus on him more this year. Thinking of using a BF study with Logan too, but haven’t decided for sure yet. I need to sell some of the things I have here that I’m not using…..to make room and to make some money before I order anything else. Or at least at the same time…..

Tonight is Family Fun Night. We’ll be having pasta and sauce with homemade rolls. I am unsure what our ‘activity’ will be but probably a game of some sort. I still need to make a dessert for tonight, too.

Karl is off today, but is actually upstairs working at the moment….a call he couldn’t get out of taking. He’ll be back down soon and we can start our evening (even though it’s only 3:15 right now! LOL).


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