Our Friday

I’m thankful today for this gorgeous day. We were spared almost ALL of the hurricane weather….just a bit of rain and wind, not even any thunderstorms. I am concerned for those of you who ARE in Irene’s path now. Be safe and know that prayers are going up for you.

This morning I headed out to the grocery store to stock up (just a little) after my boycott on buying. After our recent loss of milk and shrimp due to power outages, I wanted to wait until the hurricane passed by before getting any more milk, chicken, frozen veggies, etc. We used up the last of our cereal and milk this morning so it was good timing…..we needed those items and fresh fruits and veggies, too. I bought a few other things, but not much because we have a trip next week and I don’t want to leave anything here to ruin should the power go out while we’re gone.

Tonight is Family Fun Night….grilled burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner…..still working on dessert ideas. I’m not sure what our activity will be…….possibly a movie.

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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2 Responses to Our Friday

  1. Mimi says:

    I’m so glad that you avoided Irene!! Looks like we are on her path. It’s getting a bit scary. Gearing up…it’s so unpredictable, y’know.

    I could really go for one of those burgers!!

  2. inhistiming says:

    Mimi…wondering if you evacuated. i hope so! Hopefully you’re back in Roch enjoying some family time while this thing blows through. Can’t wait to hear from you that all is okay.

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