A run-down on our curriculum choices for the year

We began our new curriculum today, well, Logan and Hailey did. We’re still waiting on Corbin’s things to arrive. I decided to try Beautiful Feet Books for history this year. Hailey is studying History of the Horse, Logan Early American and World History, and Corbin Early American History.  Spelling words for the older two will be taken from their writing assignments, corrected, then tested every week or two, depending on how many they are misspelling. English is still Rod and Staff. Handwriting and typing will continue as before…..though Logan is really about done with handwriting…..he’ll just use cursive for his history assignments to keep in practice.

Corbin began a new math book this morning….I decided to give Life of Fred a try. We completed two chapters in the first book. Much of it will be review for him, but I wasn’t sure where to start so we went to the beginning. At that rate we will finish the Apples level in 9 days! It’s in story form, then it’s “your turn to play” where he works 3-4 problems on paper. I think he enjoyed it, and I liked working with him, too. I still have his Saxon books, in case we don’t like this, but I really think we will. Saxon is thorough but can be tedious, so I’m hoping this will be much less tedious, more fun, and just as thorough. Corbin also started Spelling by Sound and Structure from Rod and Staff. He’s done pretty well with ETC, but I wanted to try this to see how it goes. We may or may not continue with ETC as well……I’m not sure yet. Tomorrow we will dig into his English book.

Next week both Hailey and Corbin will begin working in their (age-appropriate) science notebooks…..they go along with Apologia’s Land Animals of the Sixth Day. The book is written to be used with children 6-13, so I could have also used it with Logan, but I decided he needs to work on his own in a little more difficult book to prepare for his high school years….we plan to have him follow the ‘rigorous’ track so he will be ready for college and honestly, thus far, his schooling has not been very rigorous (well, math has gotten that way and maybe English)……so, he is working on his own in a text recommended (by Apologia) as a preparatory course before beginning their high school texts, which is what I plan to have him using. Karl will be helping with his experiments.

A benefit to having the oldest two work more independently is that it allows them, and me, to play with Emma and Elle some…..which in turn allows me to work with Corbin while they are entertaining the girls…..which in turn allows us to have some down time while the babies nap….which we all enjoy! 

Emma will continue to have ‘blanket’ time and play with her siblings. She just, for the first time, told me today that she wants to ‘do school’, so I may get her some type of work book to pull out when she feels like it. Otherwise, we will just continue to let her play, read to her, and work on skills (potty-training….must begin soon) such as hand-washing, cleaning up, being obedient, sharing, etc.

Elle will continue to work on crawling, teething, laughing, chewing, talking, and generally bringing joy to the family. 🙂


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2 Responses to A run-down on our curriculum choices for the year

  1. Mimi says:

    We bought Life Of Fred, too (Apples)! I was so curious about it….had to try it. Sounds like you guys have a great family routine going. And the babies are changing and growing. Awesome!

  2. inhistiming says:

    So how do you like LOF, Mimi? We have gotten through 7 chapters in 3 days….planning to order the next books tonight. Corbin LOVES it!

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