Just a few things to say….

Elle has been working on two more teeth…they are almost completely through. She is a pro at sitting herself up now, and I can tell by the way she scoots over to chairs and such, she is seriously considering how she can pull herself into a standing position. Not yet, though. She is a happy girl, full of smiles, but very serious too when observing something or someone. She is still ‘soldier’ crawling, though she can get her knees under her. She always ends up back on her belly though….just hasn’t figured out all fours yet. 🙂

I have a cold…..we’ve been sharing it here, but only some of us. I believe it may have started with Elle, actually, then Corbin for a few days. Hailey is toward the end of hers and I’m about mid-cold (like my terminology?). I’m trying not to breathe on Emma or Elle too much so we can avoid a second go-round.

Life Groups started back up last week….including Hailey’s, which is new for us. I was not here since I was dropping her off and picking her up (I missed seeing my boys!) but the leaders said things went well. Logan has been really into the book they are using, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, so it must be good. I’ll be home for a bit this week so I’ll get to see some of the guys. Hailey’ group is smaller and, of course girls, so they are a bit (a lot!) quieter and less, um…….active. Her group seems to be well-organized…they are planning to have a monthly outreach project, they were decorating journals to use during the study……it seemed fun. I am praying she will make some close friends in the group and really gain some knowledge of who God is and who He says she is in Him. It’s worth all the busy-ness for me just so my children have more of that in their lives.

I am involved in a Life Group, too….on Wednesday mornings. We’re studying David with a book by Beth Moore. I just love her! She’s so funny but has worthy things to say spiritually, as well. I am the youngest in my group….the only one who still has tiny children. The oldest is 87! I think there is much I can learn from these ladies and I am looking forward to the weeks ahead, studying God’s word together and gleaning from them all I can. Emma and Elle seem to have lots of fun in their classes and the oldest three are at SAINTS on Wednesdays so it works out well.

I’ve been reading too much lately, hence the lack in my writing. Amish fiction, one of my favorite things. I’m gonna go read some more now, as a matter of fact. Hope to be back before too long. 🙂


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One Response to Just a few things to say….

  1. Mimi says:

    Your Life Groups sound neat. I love that you are doing one too. You made me laugh when you mentioned that the ladies are all a bit older. Greg was encouraging me to join a ladies Bible study. I shared with him that I think most of the ladies are 60+……and then we both said that it would probably be awesome fellowship. Keep me posted how it goes.

    Amish fiction….I have another friend from home who loves Amish fiction!

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