I was nominated for the Most Versatile Blogger Award by livinginobscurity. (Thank you!) Her blog is at I’m honored that someone thinks I deserve something like that. I love writing, but haven’t really thought anyone would be too interested besides family and friends. My random, sometimes odd, thoughts have been given a label…..that’s good.

Today was a day for staying home, making some decent progress in some of our texts, doing some overdue chores. I later realized I did have somewhere I had actually planned to go but completely forgot. MOPS started last month and the second meeting for September was today. I was gonna go, meet some new ladies, hopefully learn something new, find some support from others in the same season of life as me. It slipped my mind until about 11 o’clock. It was nice not to have to rush off anywhere, though.

Tomorrow we have more driving to do. Hailey is joining a friend at Disney for her birthday celebration. She will spend the weekend there with her, along with her friend’s parents, who were really good friends of ours when we lived in Palm Bay. We’re still friends, even though we don’t get to see each other often. I am meeting them at a half-way point so neither of us has to drive the whole way. I told Hailey tonight to get her things ready for tomorrow…….she had already done it. She’s so excited and she is on the ball!

We will have our Family Fun Night without her tomorrow, but I’m sure she won’t miss us this one time. 😉

Biggest Loser started this week. I am watching my recording of it as I type this, and I have been teary-eyed more than a couple of times already. I just love this show, what it does for people. Knowing where these people are now and where they will be in a matter of weeks just amazes me and I am filled with joy for them. It may seem silly since I don’t even know them, but there it is.


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4 Responses to Versatility?

  1. I am right there with you on the Biggest Loser. I cried too! I cry at commercials, when I see someone else cry. I am just all around sappy. It’s ok though, it’s what make us who we are. My husband on our wedding day right after I walked down the aisle, dropped to his knees and sang me a song called “You’ll Never Cry Alone”. How is that for knowing his bride to be, and I have only gotten worse.LOL

  2. Mimi says:

    Congratulations on your award 🙂 I love reading your blog….LOVE how we are getting to keep up with each others lives!!
    I’ve had the “forgetful” thing happen too. Mom brain!

  3. inhistiming says:

    Thanks! A virtual reward….funny how proud of it I am. 😉 I love keeping in touch this way too!

  4. inhistiming says:

    award, not reward…


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