Rough start…..hoping for a smooth finish

Wow….rough start to our day this morning! Elle has always gotten up early, but for the last two days she’s awakened by 5:45 a.m. Not cool. :{ I am not a fan of rising early, and my habit of staying up late does not help my attitude in that area. I typically wait a while to see if she’ll drift back to sleep but it never works. So, up I get. I ended up putting her down for her nap by about 8:40 this morning, but she was none to happy with that either. She finally got quiet at about 9:15. I’m hoping that means she’s asleep and that she will stay that way for an hour and a half or so. Maybe after she is better-rested we will all have a more pleasant day. 🙂

I am planning to take everyone to the library this morning, after Elle’s nap and if the rain holds off. We’re going to switch back to the branch we originally frequented when we first moved here. I like it better, and even though it’s not actually closer mileage-wise, it seems closer and there are more places on the way to it that we like to go, so that’s a plus.

It is 9:32 and Elle is once again awake. I wonder if she’s teething? I just don’t know. Poor thing really needs her sleep, though. 😦

Emma has already had a painting session this morning and is currently having ‘blanket time’. She is playing with one of her dolls, some Legos, her Larry Boy hand puppet, and the new little monkey her Daddy brought home to her from his business trip. She also has the pillow that Nana made for her while we were visiting family at the beginning of the month, just in case she wants to lie down and ‘sleep’.  She seems to be enjoying herself, and it gives me some time to blog and go over assignments with Corbin as needed.



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