A Downward Spiral….

The week took a downward spiral last night and we had to cancel Hailey’s riding lesson for today. I decided we didn’t need to go because Emma was sick. We ended up having to change her jammies and sheets about 3 times. She’s eating a little today and keeping it down, but still a bit tired and cranky. Corbin developed the same illness in the middle of the night. He’s been to the bathroom to ‘purge’ a few times today and he skipped breakfast, but so far has eaten some strawberries and a muffin for lunch and sipped on some water with no ill effects. I’m praying Elle doesn’t get it (or anyone else) but at least it seems to be short-lived.

I also had to cancel taking the meals I normally provide for that family the last Tuesday of each month. I just didn’t know if we could make it there and back in the car without anyone spewing, so I’ll do that next Tuesday. They don’t need our germs anyway, and those should be gone by next week.

We have been relaxing as much as possible, though Corbin did do some school work. The older two have a full day of lessons but I think they’re about done.

Emma and Logan played with play-doh this morning and she really liked that. It always helps so much if one us spends a little time with her at the start of the day. It’s much easier afterwards to have her play alone a few minutes while we get some work done.

Elle is half-way to pulling herself up. She will pull herself up onto her knees by holding onto the ottoman. I don’t think it will be too many more days and she’ll be able to stand. Now that she learned how to sit up on her own and crawl around it seems like everything else is moving really quickly. Good for her, sad for me in a way. 😦 Such is life…I’ll survive it.


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