Menus, money, and more

We have really slowed down on our bread-baking around here. Karl has been swamped with work, I have been swamped with life. It was easy over the summer because we didn’t have any real activities planned. Once everything started back up for the year, it just seemed like all that time disappeared. We’ll get back to  it……soon, I hope.

I have been keeping track of my grocery purchases since about February. We have cut it down quite a bit but have not been able to stay under budget, though I’ve come close. September will end up being about $50 over, which is the smallest overage so far. I do have to say that this is all with minimal coupon use, so if I can just find the time to cut and print out coupons, then I should be able to get under our budgeted amount. Another help will be the baby food we’ve been buying. Elle still likes it so I still buy it. She’s just not taking to ‘regular’ food the way Emma did. (Boy, I was really kidding myself when I thought “I got this” when we found out we were expecting another baby so soon after Emma!) She’s a real sweetie though, and we just love her! I digress…..My point is, once I stop buying baby food, there will be more money to go towards ‘regular’ food that we will all eat. Plus, I have not been counting this in my budget, but we will soon be finished with formula too, so maybe we can throw a few more $$$ toward our budget for the month. At any rate, I have enjoyed trying to cut back. We have not felt deprived at all….we still get some great food, just paying closer attention so we’re able to be good stewards. I will continue to tweak my plan, how I shop, what I buy….hopefully including the use of more coupons on things we already buy… see how much I can save.

I have collected a few more cookbooks over the last couple of months. I’m hoping to make some new things before long. I’ll share recipes and pictures as soon as I do, so you can see how it went.

We begin a new month in just a few days…..gotta get to menu-planning.


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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