Finally a winner!

I was very pleased today when Logan told me “History is my favorite subject, but the most time-consuming.” Hailey piped up with, “Me too. Well, except for math.” (It’s more time-consuming for her than history, but history is her favorite….make sense?) There are three reasons I was so happy:

  1. I LOVE history myself, especially American History, so it’s nice that they are finding pleasure in something that I enjoy.
  2. After changing my mind so many times and switching curriculum a few times before really getting started, it was so nice that they just voluntarily offered that information. That means they really like it and aren’t just trying to appease Mom….I like that.
  3. It means I finally made the right decision (Beautiful Feet Books) for them curriculum-wise!

Corbin, we are still having a hard time getting to his…..I think it’s an organization thing, though. It’s tough to do his reading aloud in the mornings unless I plan well for it and I have not been doing that. So, he does get his basics done…..English, handwriting, spelling, sometimes math and science. History has to be done when the babies are occupied. There are times in the morning when I can do that, I just need to plan ahead, so I’ll be working on that. Today he did part of his science, but we never got to the reading aloud part….that’s left for tomorrow. So still tweaking his stuff. I cannot even determine yet if we like BFB for him since we’ve barely done any of it yet. I have Hailey completing 2 lessons a day in history instead of one as they are very short, and 4 lessons a week in science instead of two for the same reason. At that rate, she will be ready for new books in both subjects in December and mid-January, respectively. I am thinking now of what I’ll get for her. Suggestions from any of my readers are welcome. šŸ˜‰

Emma and Elle are not even pre-school age yet, so don’t need any type of curriculum. I am, however, thinking of what I want to use with them when the times comes. I think I want to go back to Heart of Dakota with them and use it all the way through. We only used a few different guides from them, and though I loved their selections and content, I found it too difficult to implement with so many different guides… issue, not theirs. On the other hand, it might be a great opportunity to stay completely away from packaged curricula and try something new. That’s why I’m thinking about it now, so I’ll have an idea, a sort of plan, when it’s time for that. I’m hoping that whatever we do can be done mostly together, since they are so close in age. We should be able to learn everything together except maybe some of the language arts skills. Even that can probably be learned mostly through games. I would like to play more games with Corbin too, so we’ll see, maybe I’ll go more that route with him. There I go being wishy-washy again. :0 More thinking and searching….even on my own shelves… do.


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2 Responses to Finally a winner!

  1. Mimi says:

    Ahhh, that’s so great!
    Is this the guide with the D’aullaire books? I’m not super familiar with BFB or I would try to suggest something else. You’ve got me curious now! I have the guide for the Early American History(but never used it). Love reading your updates. Glad things are going well!

  2. inhistiming says:

    Yes! Logan’s is kind of tough, but he seems to really like it. Corbin’s we have to get into a good rhythm. His is the Early American History….seems good, just have to start doing it! How is your school year going, Mimi?

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