Getting things done

Saturday was college game day and my grocery shopping day. I actually bought everything I need for my weekly menu plan so we’ll see now how it works out…..hoping the family likes the new recipes I plan to try. Auburn won their game Saturday, so that was a plus!

Karl brought home two large bookshelves on Friday. We’ve been needing them for quite a while. Though I’ve been through our books numerous times, donating some to Goodwill and giving them away to friends, we still have many books. Right now, they are lining our hallway upstairs, simply because I removed one of our bookshelves from downstairs to make room in the play area. The books that were on it have been relegated to the hall until I have figured out exactly where I want them. We put the removed bookshelf in our bedroom which has made a big difference already, but it still needs work. Between the three shelves and getting rid of some more books that I find I don’t need or want, I believe we will be able to finally house every book we own. Now that’s a huge accomplishment! But I can’t get excited yet, since at this point it’s just a dream of someday. I plan to work on that as I can throughout the week, hopefully getting it done by the weekend. I got a few things put on the shelves yesterday, such as our current school books, but demands of the house ruled out and I had to stop. That’s okay……gotta have balance in everything, and that’s what I’m trying to find.

This morning the boys are working on book work while Hailey is seeing the orthodontist. She’ll complete her chores and school work once she returns. Emma is watching her Veggie Tales movie, Jonah. She didn’t get to do that over the weekend so I thought it was a good time to allow it……keeps her quiet so the others can concentrate for a bit. Elle is, of course, crawling around happily getting into everything she can manage to reach! 😉


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