Life Group = Changed Lives

I got to sit in on the boys’ group tonight, albeit in the kitchen, out of their sight. (I come in late due to putting babies to bed, etc. so I don’t go into the room with them, even though I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.) I just sat at the breakfast table and listened to these boys share their hearts. We have a few new guys but most of them are the same boys who started here in our group last year. They can still be rowdy at times, but I am amazed at the changes they have made. They have grown, matured, formed strong bonds with one another,  and have come to love each other in a powerful way. Tonight they sat respectfully the entire time, listening and discussing God’s love, talking about how they have personally experienced His love. I’m so proud of them. I’m glad that Logan is friends with these boys. And I am so happy that we decided to host the group last year. It was an easy decision to volunteer again, and I’m already sad that they won’t be here next fall (because once in high school they meet on Wed. nights at the church). We’ll have to keep having them over every couple of months just for a meal and games or something.


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