Miscellaneous ramblings of a stay at home mom who doesn’t really stay at home all that much….

This morning we were out at the arena for horseback-riding lessons. It was sunny with a cool breeze. The temperature got warm, about 81 I think, but still a good 10 degrees cooler than just a month ago. It was nice to sit outside and NOT feel like I was going to melt! I supplied the ‘littles’ with water and snacks while I chatted with the only other mom there. (There are just 3 girls in the group currently, which is really nice. Andrea has A LOT more time to spend with each one.) This mom has been really friendly and I’m enjoying getting to know her. Elle let her take her out of the car today and hold her for a while, even though I was sitting right next to them. We picked lunch up at McDonald’s on the way home. That was easier and less stressful than rushing home and preparing sandwiches while both the little ones fussed because it was past their lunch time. We all got to eat in peace and get them to bed on time, no fussing. Aaaaaahhh…..

I made a reminder call to the ‘snack’ person for our table at the bible study tomorrow, re-scheduled Elle’s one-year check-up (twice), called Place of Hope to check on that link I’m supposed to be getting for my Hope Walk registration (I’ll make the link available as soon as I get it, so that any of you who would like to sponsor me may do so), and had planned to grade papers while waiting for Hailey to finish her lesson…..little girls were having none of sitting in the car, so that did not happen.

My menu plan is coming together for next week. Karl and I laughingly came up with an idea (well, I’ve read about it before but it was a first for us to discuss it) to have ‘theme’ nights. So we might have Make-your-own Monday, Taco Tuesday, Whatever (leftovers) Wednesday, etc.  The idea is that if we are having the same type of meal then it will be simple….buy 4 bags of pasta, four loaves of french bread, four vegetables……that for the four Tuesdays in a month…..do it for each day….. Get it? I know this is not a new idea, I’ve just never done it for my family! All this in an effort to streamline my shopping more and still continue to reduce our budget. I just cannot seem to stick to what we’ve decided on as our amount. I know it’s possible but I have to plan better. At least I am not spending nearly what I was in February, but I really want to be able to get and stay under budget. Meal ideas would be great….the last thing I want is for it to become boring. I thought maybe Taco Tuesday could be variations of things, like tacos or burritos or taco salad? I don’t know though, that might defeat my buying-four-packages-of-tortillas plan, thus costing us more money. What do you think? Leave some comments for me. Please. I need help! 🙂


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2 Responses to Miscellaneous ramblings of a stay at home mom who doesn’t really stay at home all that much….

  1. I feel your pain with the grocery budget. I tried the theme night (half-heartedly), but I felt too restricted. What seems to be working for us right now is if I plan a week or two of menus and then repeat most of it the last half of the month. I stole this idea from a blog (maybe Simple Mom?). No one cares too much if we had Chicken Caccitore (sp?) the first week of the month and again in the last half. So when I see something for sale, like ground turkey or chicken breasts, I’ll buy enough for at least two meals and freeze half. I hope this makes sense? 🙂

  2. inhistiming says:

    Yep, makes complete sense. Thanks for the tip…I may try that. 🙂

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