Catching you up

  • We spent Saturday with family and at a farmer’s market/pumpkin patch/fall festival….we brought home two pumpkins to paint, for Corbin and Emma.
  • We spent today at home, except Karl and I had a lunch date at a new Italian restaurant…it was pretty tasty.
  • I took a walk with Elle in the cool breeze.
  • Emma played dress up today. After putting on a pink straw hat and an Egyptian collar (a leftover piece of a Cleopatra costume of Hailey’s), she looked at us and said, “Look, I’m a person!”
  • I’m reading a book by Ted Dekker…….The Bride Collector……very interestingHe’s a great writer but I have to admit I do prefer his books that are more obviously faith-based.
  • I’m 20% of the way to my goal for the Hope Walk. I still need to raise $67 a day (for the next 12 days) to meet my goal. If you’d like to help, click on the link:
  • We tried Mango Key Lime Pie for the first time yesterday….it was so very good.

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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