Some re-caps

  • The weather was great today….perfect temperature to enjoy sitting outside with the youngers while Hailey was at her horseback riding lesson.
  • We devoured an awesome dinner, made by Karl, of Eggplant Parmesan with bowtie pasta, italian bread, and a salad.
  • Emma is the cutest thing with some of her pronunciations…..we played with a toy ‘elf-a-nent’ today.
  • Elle has finally learned to clap her hands, not loudly, but consistently…..many times she will respond to someone’s “yay!” by clapping.
  • I was complimented today on how good my younger children are (at waiting patiently)…..makes a mama smile.
  • Elle is pulling herself to standing, and officially ‘cruising’…..not very fast, but she does make her way from one end of a table, set of bleachers, etc. to the other eventually.
  • I am up WAY too late, finishing some things for my bible study group tomorrow, really need to go to bed…….gotta read a little of Ted Dekker first.

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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