Readin’ and Writin’ and Raisin’ money…..

The kids, and Corbin in particular, have been doing lots of science reading over the last couple of days. He has learned about atoms, how batteries work, and a bit about electricity. He is very excited about what he is learning and cannot seem to stop talking about it! His older siblings don’t quite understand his excitement, but that’s okay. 😉 They just don’t realize this is new stuff to him, whereas they’ve heard or read much of it before. He has also been doing some writing. He described his favorite sandwich after we read about John Montague, the the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He will work on his final draft today. He also described his Halloween evening as a writing assignment. Here’s what he wrote:

Dressed up as Batman, I went to the Fall Festival. At the Fall festival my sister and brother were doing a booth. I went to my sister’s booth. Then I went to my brother’s booth. Then we went home. When we got home we went to a lot of people’s homes and got a lot of candy too.

I wasn’t sure when I assigned this what I was going to get…..we haven’t done any real writing instruction before besides handwriting…..but I am very pleased with and proud of his paragraph. 😉

We have also been doing a lot of cleaning this week. Baseboards, light switch plates, door handles, tile grout, lint rolling of furniture, de-cluttering, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping……some of those are just daily chores but some have not been done regularly and desperately needed to be completed. The floors look and feel great, and it’s a nice feeling to know we’ve accomplished some important things this week.

Tomorrow is the Hope Walk. We will have to get up fairly early for us (we usually ‘sleep in’ on a Saturday morning). The event takes place at a park that is about 40 minutes north of us, and I need to be there around 8:30 a.m. We’re all going because there will be things there for the family……dodgeball, IHOP is providing breakfast, and some other fun things. Plus, it’s a park we’ve never visited, and I’m sure we’ll explore a bit. Thanks to all of you who have chosen to sponsor me. I appreciate it so much. I haven’t met my goal yet, but I am happy that I’ve been able to help even a little. If you would still like to donate any amount, please visit my link at the bottom of this post. They will accept donations through tomorrow, I think. Thanks, again!


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  1. inhistiming says:

    Obviously, Place of Hope will accept donations at any time! I meant to say they will accept sponsorships for the walk until Nov. 5. 😉 Feel free to send in money to them whenever you like. They have lots of needs ALL the time.

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