Some things of interest….

  • The Hope Walk was fantastic! We had lots of fun, there was a great turnout, and the last total I heard for funds raised was over $40,000!
  • I will post pictures soon so you can see how the walk went.
  • Logan is already planning to put his own team together for next year’s event. 😉
  • I had been considering and then applied for a position…..writing for a lady who maintains a blog for a restaurant supply company. I heard back from her today….it is mine if I want it. I do. I’m not sure when I’ll start, but soon. Exciting stuff! 🙂
  • I am thinking of running in a 5k for Compassion International January 14, 2012. Sponsoring a child through Compassion International has been a great experience! I absolutely love the way that works…..I get letters, pictures, drawings, and there is even an opportunity to go visit him. I would love to do that, not sure if I ever will. Anyway, the race is to raise money for the organization and I am seriously considering participating. You’ll read more about it here if I do…..I’ll be needing sponsors again. 🙂 Now I gotta figure out how to ‘train’ for a 5k……
  • Karl and Logan conducted some science experiments today…..that’s when Karl has time to work on them.
  • Church was awesome! We listened to a very inspiring message to hear the call of God on our lives and to follow Him in obedience. I’m praying that I will be able to do that more and more, with my arms wide open.
  • We shopped in the church bookstore this morning….Corbin and Logan wanted some t-shirts. I love that they will be sporting shirts with the message of God’s love written right across the front! All three of the older kids also got bracelets (they’re those rubber ones, just like the ones that say ‘believe‘) that say ‘Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere’, which is kind of our church’s slogan these days.
  • After a trip to Target to get some long-sleeved shirts for Logan (every single one of his was too small!) we stopped at Ruby Tuesday for lunch. It was…..interesting. The food was good, the servers were nice and helpful, but Elle was a bit cranky and noisy! On Sundays she misses her morning nap due to being at church, and today she woke up at 5:50 a.m. so she was so very tired by lunch time. Overall, she still did pretty well, but we were constantly on the move trying to keep her happy. She’s at that age, ya know?
  • I’m looking forward to a no-cooking evening. Leftover night. Actually, it will be a cooking night, just not for us. We’re going to begin working on the meals I will be taking to Place of Hope tomorrow. Tomorrow’s the first Monday of the month…..that’s my night!


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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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