My first article, for pay!

I just submitted my first summary (of an article) today. It was actually a long summary because it was a long article. I hope my boss doesn’t mind. I guess she’ll tell me if it needs to be shorter. It was fun! I think it took longer than it should, but I’m hoping that was due to learning some new things along with it. Time should be reduced as I learn and remember. Karl said it was a good summary…..and I think it’s good……hope she thinks the same. We’ll see. It’s a learning experience.


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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2 Responses to My first article, for pay!

  1. Mimi says:

    Really!? That is so cool. What are you writing about?
    I love your writing….I bet it’s a great article!

  2. inhistiming says:

    I’m writing summaries of interesting articles pertaining to the restaurant industry. Who’d have thought, right? But it’s fun and interesting, and I am happy to be contributing to our finances even in a small way.

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