What we did today and our plans for the next month….

Today we continued unpacking. We also did some book work, but only a little. Logan completed an English lesson, helped watch the little girls, and put some things away for me. Hailey had some appointments this morning, but did some math facts practice once she returned. She also completed her typing and handwriting. I read two chapters of Life of Fred with Corbin, having him do some of his lessons in his notebook and some out loud. He also wrote a Haiku, from a book we have called Doing the Days, which just gives ideas for assignments for each day of the year. It was fun explaining to him what a syllable is, then reading his poem. Here’s what he wrote:

I love my sisters. I love my brother a lot. I love mom and dad.

Of course, I love it! 🙂

Later, Corbin used my measuring tape to measure various items in the house. He had a great time! He was sharing the numbers with me, discovered that the tape measure was made in China, and did some estimating….coming pretty close a few times. I love watching the learning that goes on in the house. Pretty cool stuff.

Our relaxed day has been nice.

I’m trying to plan out what we’ll be doing for the month of December. I think we will do some studies about Christmas and drop our other history until the new year. I’d like us all to study together again for a while. Mostly, I want us to have fun. We’ll be working on some crafts, making some yummy recipes. Maybe a field trip…not sure yet. Definitely some Christmas shopping will need to be done!


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3 Responses to What we did today and our plans for the next month….

  1. Stacy says:

    A fun December sounds good to me, too.
    I just never know how to pull it off. 😉

  2. Mimi says:

    Welcome back! Ok, I’m feeling your relaxed vibe through the computer. Love it!

  3. inhistiming says:

    Ha! I just have to get it together and find all the supplies for these fun projects we’re planning to do! Maybe I can do it by Dec. 1……

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