My checklist…..

I feel like all I have time for anymore is to pop in every few days with a checklist of all that’s going on! So, here it is……

  • Emma is still doing great with her potty training, going on week 2 and really very minimal ‘accidents’
  • Elle is beginning to stand on her own without holding onto anything. She will let go, but really cannot be coaxed into walking toward anything yet, as much as Hailey keeps tempting her
  • Corbin is still measuring everything he can think up
  • Logan is writing and drawing
  • Hailey is spending some time on a new, fun web site with a special cousin-friend
  • We’ve had horseback-riding, SAINTS, Dr. appts., singing engagements, dental appts., orthodontist appts……craziness, I tell you
  • I’ve been working daily, writing my summaries, and trying to find time between homeschooling and work to do a little Christmas shopping….still have so many I need to buy for….
  • I’ve been given an ‘extra’ assignment for work, in addition to the 4-7 article summaries she wants me to do each week……definitely need to schedule my days better in order to fit it in….working on that….
  • Karl and I are still waiting to see what God has for us in the next months…..prayers are coveted still.



About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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One Response to My checklist…..

  1. Mimi says:

    Just checking in with you!! Praying that you will have clarity with your decisions!!
    {It’s that decision time of year for us, too} Have a great weekend, Wendy!!

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