Some minor details….

This morning we ended up skipping the horseback riding lesson. I’m glad….though I enjoy talking to the other moms and Hailey loves going, it was nice not to have to run around anywhere and Elle was able to take her morning nap, albeit a very short one. Corbin and I made some paper gingerbread men, hung them on yarn, and placed them on our tree. That was fun. Emma wanted in on the action too, so I drew her two larger ones. She started to put them on the tree then changed her mind, deciding to carry them around with her throughout the day. 😉

After dinner, I went out and finished up most of our Christmas shopping. There may be one or two more things we have to get, but I need to do the wrapping before I’ll know for sure. I also picked up a few things we need for our Christmas breakfast and for Christmas Eve. I’ve done nothing for Christmas Day yet, so there will be at least one more trip to the grocery store.

Tomorrow night the older two kids are going to a friend’s house for a couple of hours and a friend of Corbin’s is coming here…..the older ones will enjoy making graham cracker houses (and eating lots of sugary snacks, I’m sure!) while Corbin and his friend will get to have cupcakes and maybe some hot chocolate while playing board games.

Emma, Elle, and I get to come home in the morning (after a, hopefully, quick trip to the post office) while the oldest ones are at their last SAINTS meeting of the year. I bought a DVD of the original Christmas classics while I was out tonight, so I may let Emma watch one or two of those if she wants to. Otherwise, we will play.

Elle has been getting slightly more brave, but of course that means slightly more bumps to the head. Poor thing, one bruise heals and she gets another….and they always seem to be on her sweet little forehead! She slipped today and bumped her head on the corner of the wall. It bruised up pretty quickly, but she’s okay. Par for the course, I guess. 😦

I worked a little today….just 45 minutes. I’ll be off beginning Thursday (except for a special project I will work on over the holidays) until January 3, 2012. I’ve been asked to write an original piece. I’m excited, and hope to do a good job. It’s been a while…..

Oh, and Emma is still doing so great with potty training. It has been a breeze, we’re just amazed. She still gets M&M’s sometimes, but often she doesn’t remember so we don’t offer them if she doesn’t mention them. I am so thankful that it has been so pleasant and I think we’ll be able declare her trained before long.

I’m looking forward to a Thursday at home, except perhaps for the library. We’ll see……gotta get through tomorrow first. 🙂


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2 Responses to Some minor details….

  1. Stacy says:

    How old is Emma? Yay for her and you. My least favorite part of parenting [11 and younger is my experience mind you] is potty training.

  2. inhistiming says:

    Emma is 2 yrs 9 mths. Potty training has been one of the worst things for us too and was actually the reason I gave for not wanting more kids. 🙂 Funny how God uses something like that to show His sovereignty. 😉 She has been such a blessing. By the time we found out we were expecting her I DID want more kids, but I still love the way He just took that excuse away… we’ll see if she continues to do well. And we have Elle yet to go!

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