Menu for the month (so far)

I’ve been working on meals and placing them in the freezer as I finish for the last three days, just as I’ve had time. I actually started before that, with the loaf of cranberry bread and the 24 cranberry muffins that are in the freezer, for breakfasts. I have 5 meals so far.

  1. Chinese Chicken Morsels/Rice/Spicy Pumpkin Muffins…and a vegetable, yet to be determined
  2. Taco meat, to be served with flour tortillas and carrot sticks
  3. Beef Pot Pie
  4. Chili and Cornbread, to be served with a salad or veggie sticks
  5. Sloppy Joes, served with chips and veggie sticks

I have written instructions on the freezer bags and/or (disposable) casserole dish for how they should be cooked in hopes that it will be very easy for our parents to care for the kids. Obviously, both my mom and mother-in-law have years of cooking experience on me! However, they didn’t have to cook for 5 kids, so I thought I would help out. Karl and I so appreciate their willingness to stay here with the kids while we take a rare trip away together!

I plan to get at least two more meals together before Saturday, possibly more so that I will also benefit from the freezer meals upon our arrival home. I am hoping, too, that cooking this way will allow us to save money at the grocery store. We cut back a lot on our grocery budget last year, and did okay with that. Now, I just want to learn to make the most of the money we have delegated. Cooking ahead and in bulk is part of that ‘experiment’. Another part will be printing/cutting out more coupons….at least the ones for foods we actually use. I started that today, but I still have to peruse the sales, etc. I’ll post more about that once I get a little further with it.


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