Friday Fun

Today has been a jammie day. I jokingly said to Karl this morning, before I ever got out of bed, “I’m just gonna stay in my jammies all day.” However, I was packing and folding clothes and baking a pie, then working, so I never did actually go get dressed. It’s been kind of nice. 🙂 The kids did eventually get dressed, though I know Emma and Elle both would have been just as happy to stay in their pajamas, too.

We had a light school day today so I could have the kids help with the younger two while I was preparing for my week away. Logan spent most of the morning cleaning and organizing his room. It had really gotten out of hand, but it looks great now! He gave some legos to his brother, got rid of lots of trash, and brought several containers he no longer needs downstairs for me to put to good use.

I spent some time working this afternoon, finishing up my week’s project before we leave tomorrow. I submitted my hours, so now I won’t need to worry about that until Monday. I plan to try to get a lot done while I’m away since Karl will be working during the day. Hopefully I can do some pleasure reading and exercise each day, too.

We have Family Fun Night tonight. I did bake a pumpkin pie (Hailey’s favorite, apparently) for our dessert, but I decided to let our meal be frozen pizzas. They’re easy and everybody likes them, so it’s a win-win situation. 🙂 I’ll add a salad or veggie sticks and we’ll be ready to go.

I’ll probably write some here too while we’re gone….maybe post a picture or two. So, I’ll see you fairly soon.


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3 Responses to Friday Fun

  1. Mimi says:

    Love jammie days!!! Friday is perfect for that 🙂

    I missed it…..where are you going?

  2. inhistiming says:

    Karl has a business trip to VA. Karl’s parents and mine were kind enough to agree to split time keeping the kids so I could go with him. Looking forward to it, but it will be the first time away from Elle. 😦 Things will be fine, but I will miss them all. I also know I will enjoy my ‘me’ time as well as the ‘us’ time. 😉

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