Should we make a radical change?

I’ve been reading a new book; Radical, by David Platt. It’s really good….challenging but has so much truth inside its covers. I’m not going to go into too much of it, but I do have a couple of quotes I’ll type out here, just to give you an idea of what he talks about in the book.

“First, from the outset you need to commit to believe whatever Jesus says. As a Christian, it would be a grave mistake to come to Jesus and say, ‘Let me hear what you have to say, and then I’ll decide whether or not I like it.’ If you approach Jesus this way, you will never truly hear what he has to say. You have to say yes to the words of Jesus before you can even hear them.”

I personally think this is what we do so often…..and I am including myself in that. What Jesus commands of us is not easy, and it very often does not make sense to us. Still, it is no less a commandment just because it’s difficult or because we don’t understand.

More from David….

“The second, you need to commit to obey what you have heard. The gospel does not prompt you to mere reflection; the gospel requires a response. In the process of hearing Jesus, you are compelled to take an honest look at your life, your family, and your church and not just ask, ‘What is he saying?’ but also ask, ‘What shall I do?’

To me, the second part is even more difficult. I believe Jesus’ words, I truly do. But taking them and putting them into action can be intimidating, scary, we may feel like “surely He didn’t really mean that!” But, He does. The bible is God’s word….He speaks to us through all of it. This book is helping me to realize this and think about it more…..and it’s compelling me to ask myself, “What are you going to do about it?”

Not only am I reading this book and God is speaking to me through this man’s words…..He is speaking to me through people I don’t even know and had no idea I would even see. I am on a business trip with my husband several states away from our home, where we don’t really know anyone except one person we went to high school with years ago. We went to church with her this morning, and the very paragraph I was reading in Radical before we left this morning, part of which states, “Regardless of which country we live in, what skills we possess, what kind of education we have, or what kind of salary we make, Jesus has commanded each of us to make disciples, and this is the means by which we will impact the world.” This was the very same topic about which the pastor spoke. Amazing! I love how He speaks to me, to all of us, through His word, through speakers….and then confirmsΒ His words in another area, via another person, etc.

I’m really enjoying the book and I highly recommend it. It just might turn your life upside down. πŸ™‚


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2 Responses to Should we make a radical change?

  1. Excellent! I get excited just thinking about doing something radical for Jesus. Unfortunately, I can’t always see the “radical” that exists here in this small town! Well, for now, we believe we’ve done radical just to get here — so many changes over the past several years. Praise the Lord! I think He’s waiting for us to catch up!

  2. inhistiming says:

    Thanks, Michelle. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes it is tough to see it, or maybe not to see it but to COMMIT to do it. The book Radical, by David Platt, is challenging, a great read, and is really helping me to view things in a different light. I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t. Thanks so much for stopping by to read and for your comment. I’ll be perusing your blog, too… a fellow homeschooling mom I am always on the lookout for others like me. So far, we’re two for two. πŸ™‚

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