An unexpected call

As we were having Logan’s celebratory birthday breakfast yesterday morning, my mom got a call that would change the course of our day and week, and lives, really. Her oldest living sister has been ill for some time. She recently had surgery and was in the hospital recovering when she had some trouble. She was able to eventually move to a rehabilitation center and seemed to be on the mend. However, the call yesterday morning revealed that she had passed on earlier that morning. I really don’t have all of the details about what happened.

I do know that my aunt will be missed by her family. She has some grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and one living child who will grieve her passing, along with several sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews. My parents decided to go ahead and make the trip home, as the funeral service will be later this week. I am sad that I didn’t get to spend more time with them, but I completely understand their need to leave. My mom is a strong lady, but I know she will miss her sister. She has lived about half a mile from her all of her life, talked on the phone with her often, spent a lot of time with her over the years…..I will miss my aunt too. Even though I have not seen her often in recent years, I have so many great memories of stories told, ice packs given for bumped heads, playing Dukes of Hazzard in her back yard with my cousin, her grandson. Her laugh and smile were great, and she told a mean ‘ghost’ story! I am thankful that she is no longer in pain and is now able to rejoice in heaven and worship in the presence of her Savior, Jesus.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family this week as everyone reflects on her time here on this earth and figures out how to navigate life just a little bit differently than before. We love you, Aunt Mildred!


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One Response to An unexpected call

  1. Mimi says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Wendy. {{HUGS}}

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