How our morning has gone…..

This morning the oldest three kids went to their weekly, 3-hour-long P.E. class. They absolutely love to go and see their friends, as well as participating in the games! I’m looking forward to ‘testing’ time (Presidential Fitness Test) just so I can see how well they are doing.

While they were gone, the little girls and I just hung out a home. While Elle took a short nap, Emma spent some time sorting plastic bears and hands, by color, into a divided container. Once Elle was awake, they shared a snack. Right now they are ‘sharing’ my blanket, pretending to take a nap. 😉 All I have to do is say “night-night” and Elle will stop and put her head down for a moment. So funny! They have also played with the new magnetic letters Elle got for Christmas. Emma is able to  identify the letter ‘O’ as well as her name when I spell it on the cookie sheet for her. Elle just enjoys chewing on the letters…..

We will leave in a moment to go pick up the other kids. I think we’ll pick up lunch to bring home. I really like our Wednesdays as they are fairly relaxed. Hailey’s Life Group starts tonight, and Logan’s picks back up next week. I cannot believe the end of January is so near already. Time is flying!

Until next time….


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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