Hailey’s 12th Birthday

It’s Hailey’s birthday today. We’ve already celebrated a bit:

  • pumpkin muffins for breakfast, her favorite
  • opened her gifts…money and a pretty runner (for her dresser) from some cousins/aunts/grandparents; a bicycle from her dad and me
  • rode her new bike around the neighborhood
  • served by a brother doing one of her chores
  • fun on the computer
  • in the process of making her cake

We will eat the cake tonight after her requested meal of hot dogs with shells and cheese, along with our Family Fun Night/Birthday Festivities.

Hailey has turned into a beautiful young lady. She loves animals, knows WAY more than I do about most of them, and hopes to work with animals in some way in the future. We are proud of her and look forward to the coming year!


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3 Responses to Hailey’s 12th Birthday

  1. Stacy says:

    Happy Birthday, Hailey.
    We had pumpkin muffins today, too!
    We were just talking about your family at dinner last night. We miss you!

  2. Happy Birthday Hailey, May you be blessed beyond measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over!

  3. inhistiming says:

    Thanks, to both of you!

    Stacy, we think of you often. I feel special to know we were a topic of conversation. Hopefully, it wasn’t anything to unpleasant! šŸ˜‰ We miss all of you too, and actually have discussed moving back to the area. Who knows? We could end up there again someday….

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