Our morning’s activities….

This morning I pulled a book off our shelf, 730 Easy Science Experiments with everyday materials, that we’ve had for quite some time, but haven’t used a lot. The kids have had it out once or twice, maybe.

I opened it up and started making the paper straw from experiment number 1. Corbin soon asked me what I was doing and I then had two others making straws along with me. (Well, I made Emma’s, but she happily sucked water through her straw for about 10 minutes!) We each made a second ‘model’ that we covered in tape, front and back, in order to try and water-proof it. This one did work better. Corbin actually made 3 different models because his first two turned out very short and fat, and though he could get water out with them, they were not very practical or efficient. The third one was ineffective and would not work at all, poor guy. After adding some more tape to the outside to give it more support, he was able to drink with it and declared it “a success!” I assured him that real scientists do this all the time, trying again and again to get it right. 😉 He’s hoping it will “survive the day so I can show it to Dad.”


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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