A full morning of fun

Hailey’s horseback riding lesson was today. Her instructor said she’s doing great, back to where she was before (she kind of slacked off on her concentration a little bit for a while).  She needs new boots, but it leaves my mind every week until I hear her clumping down the stairs on Tuesday morning. We really must go get those on Saturday, her poor toes are being pinched! :{

All the little siblings of the riders were playing together today. I think there were 6 of them, all 3 and under except for Corbin. It was fun! I dragged out the toys I brought and they played with those, plus rocks. Rocks are the best, you know. Elle really seems to enjoy being able to gamble about with the ‘big’ kids now that she’s walking.

Corbin and I completed his work while we were waiting for the riders to get the horses saddled, etc., so now that Hailey finished her math they are all watching a movie and enjoying a snack while the two little ones nap.

I’ve been working on my paid work plus those radio spots I mentioned before. I will be working on another writing project soon, and linking up as a guest-writer on another blog. Check back for that link later.

Now to think about dinner plans.


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