A Fun Friday

This morning, I declared us ‘off’ from required book work, since it IS the day after Groundhog Day. 🙂 The kids were thrilled and spent their day completing chores, reading lots of good books, and playing a few games.

Elle and I went to pick up a couple of things for our Family Fun Night that I had forgotten when I made my grocery trip on Monday. I chopped more cranberries (to keep in the freezer for one more batch of cranberry bread!) while the little girls napped this afternoon, and now I have banana bread in the oven. I completed about 1/2 an hour of my writing work today, but plan to do a little more Sunday night during the game, as I doubt it will keep my attention the entire time! I will participate fully in the planned snacking activities, though.

This weekend I plan to put together a few lasagna casseroles (2 for Place of Hope) and maybe others for my freezer. I really like being able to pull an already assembled meal out in the morning to thaw, knowing all I have to do is put it in the oven at the appropriate time. I love to cook, but some days are tough, so these will be great for those times.

I have been asked to write more radio spots for TOS, which is a great honor. It’s volunteer work and I really enjoy coming up with ideas for this. Perhaps one day I will do other work for them. What a dream! I can hope, right? That would be so cool!


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