Wednesday already?

It’s been a relatively busy week already. We’ve had our normal activities and some book work, but I have been working on some new things. Besides the work I’m doing each week with the restaurant supply company blog, I am also now doing some volunteer work for TOS. I’m a member of the Schoolhouse Writer’s Group, doing just my small part to create content for the Teacher’s Toolbox, which is a part of their magazine. It’s fun and creative, and I’m really enjoying it. I am honored that, after submitting my application, I was invited to join. I also have an opportunity to write an article for them, due next week, so I need to get it finished soon. That one I will actually get paid for, which is really cool and exciting, too. These are just two of the things that were ‘afoot’ here last week. I didn’t have confirmation yet that I was going to be able to do either, that’s why I was keeping it quiet.

I’m learning so much in the James study I’m taking through my church. We met again today, and I never come away from there without a few new nuggets of truth that were meant just for me! The ladies in my group are wonderful, speaking encouragement into my life and I’m trying to encourage them, as well. I’m so blessed!

We had a special family Valentine’s Day dinner last night. Karl grilled steaks and seared some in a pan with a special sauce he made. They were so good! I baked sweet potatoes and roasted some asparagus, tossed together a salad and we were ready to go. It was all great, and of course we enjoyed some of our favorite slices from The Cheesecake Factory after the kids went to bed. 😉 Don’t worry, they got to enjoy plenty of sweet yesterday, too. We all went to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast ( a real treat because we rarely go out for breakfast and never to a donut shop!), and then they got to have the ‘treats’ I got them (a chocolate-covered strawberry and a cake pop each) later in the day. Elle is the only one who has not indulged yet, but I’ll probably let her do so tomorrow. Karl got me a sweet card and some lovely chocolates that I haven’t tasted yet….maybe tomorrow, since I have the 2nd half of my cheesecake left for tonight.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to stay home. We typically go to the library on Thursdays, and maybe we will, but we’ve been out of the house the past two mornings and I think the little ones need to just be here to play instead of running the roads. We’ll play it by ear, I guess.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?



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