And the survey says….

I have an article I will be writing for work about ‘family-friendly’ restaurants. Would you mind answering this question: What makes a restaurant family-friendly? Respond in the comments section or send your answers to my email address: Please include how many members make up your family. If you are willing to let me quote you, please indicate that, as well. Remember to consider the availability, or absence, of things such as changing stations and high chairs, as well as types of service, menu item offerings, location, price, etc. I am excited to see your responses and to be able to use them in this original piece. Thanks so much!

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3 Responses to And the survey says….

  1. Mimi says:

    To me, family friendly means they don’t mind if something spills or there are frequent bathroom trips. I love it when the waiters are understanding and kind to the kids. And fast service…..very important when out with kids 🙂

  2. Stacy says:

    Family friendly, to me, is budget friendly. And allergy-friendly. And don’t sit us near the kitchen. My kids behave better than many adults!

  3. Tracey Haskell says:

    Family friendly:
    Reasonable kid meals 12 and under…no attitude if our children spill something or change something they ordered. Friendly…color sheets and crayons are a must. While on vacation my 12 year old wanted a child’s meal and she was told no she was too old. I am sorry but she doesn’t eat as much as an adult. Then told she couldn’t take her drink home in a to go cup after we paid for it. Make sure the bathrooms are clean too. Fast service too. My family has 4 people…2 girls under 12. Reasonable price and drink included in the meal. Hope this helps. you may quote me if you need to.

    T. Haskell

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