My mama said there’d be days like this…..

My mama always kept things like grits and flour in the freezer, at least if she was not going to use it right away or if she used it infrequently. Her reason was “so it doesn’t get weevils”. I never really understood this, not having seen a weevil, but it always stuck with me. When I got married and began stocking my own shelves my mama’s mantra of ‘keep out the weevils’ ran through my head. I have always kept my grits, any extra flour or bread,etc. in the freezer. I’ve been married for over 16 years and have never, ever questioned this practice. I do things a little differently than before, though. Because I bake so often and we use large quantities of flour and cornmeal to feed our larger-than-average family, the only thing I still always keep in the freezer is my grits.

A few weeks ago, I discovered this odd brown bug on the shelf where I keep my baking supplies. It actually was clinging to the outside of one of my flour bags. I brushed it off, thinking it was strange, but went on with what I was doing. Over the course of several days, I ‘discovered’ several more of these bugs, thinking that this must be the infamous weevil mama always talked about, but I never found a bag that had actually been penetrated and held any weevils inside…..until I tried to make cornbread to go with our chili last week. I was happily stirring up my batter, about to pour it into muffin cups, when i spotted a brown ‘spot’. It didn’t look like the brown spots that you sometimes find in cornmeal, the normal ones. :{ Upon further inspection, I found that it was one of those stubborn bugs again!

That was the moment where my smarter-than-average husband began investigating with me. He is taller than me and ended up finding a bag on a higher shelf….a really old bag……a bag that had been with us since we moved from New York in 2009. How do I know this? It still had the packing tape on it that the packers used when packing up the boxes. Yuck! He peeked in and sure enough, the bag was full of weevils. Karl brought in the shop vac, cleaned off all the shelves, then proceeded to place all of our flour, sugar, corn meal, etc. in plastic zip-top bags, labeling them with a Sharpie. Now, my shelf is happily organized and weevil proof.

And now that song just keeps running through my head because, well, my mama did warn me….

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2 Responses to My mama said there’d be days like this…..

  1. Mimi says:

    I do that, too. I keep all my oats, flour, rice, etc in the freezer. People have questioned me….I just thought everyone did this 🙂 Like you, my mom taught me to do this for the same reason as yours.

    Sorry about the weevils.

    {Ha, I just wrote a blog post with a song in it, too. Can’t get Neil Diamond out of my head. LOL.}

  2. Stacy says:

    I want to see a photo of a weevil!
    Love the song!!

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