Changes keep a-comin’

It seems we are in a constant flux these days. I decided to change Emma’s nap spot yet again, mostly so I can keep an eye on her and the older kids at the same time. She is such a good girl, and though she usually does not sleep, she will lie there (mostly still) until I allow her to get up. I am able to work at the dining room table, watch her, do my writing, and be available to referee help the other kids as needed. And I feel better over all since I’m right here with them….I was feeling neglectful. 😦

We are also going to change up our school day. Since I do my work after lunch, and the baby is napping, and Emma ‘rests’ so nicely, I think afternoons will be a better time for the older three to get their book work done. Their math and English will be easier to accomplish without the baby noise. We may even be able to get back to some reading aloud once I finish this project for TOS. I am planning to do some fun things with all of them in the mornings sometimes too….baking, teach the older kids how to make a few meals, maybe even some field trips (gasp!). The kids-making-meals thing has been on my mind for a couple of years now, but I think we can really do it this way. I’m excited, and I hope it works out.

Logan might be collaborating on one of my TOS projects with me, which will be fun. Once it’s all finished and I know the details, I will let you all know what’s up!


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